Keeping Your Face Clean & Clear with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been making waves in the food and beverage industry for sometime now, but did you know you can also enjoy coconut oil as a part of your health and beauty routine?  Namely the French and Korean beauty industries have embraced the use of oils to cleanse and moisturize the face for sometime now, and globally the days of advertising oil-free facial products as “better” are seemingly in the past.  Across the board there’s been a shift towards what is natural and/or organic, preservative-free, and less (hard to pronounce) ingredients in our products altogether.  For this reason, a singular product with a sole ingredient—COCONUT OIL—has been making waves as a facial cleanser.

Skeptics, especially those with uneven, oily, or acenic skin might balk at the idea of adding more oil to the “fire” of problems areas, but a bit of coconut oil in the skin care routine might be a pleasant surprise.  Cleansing your face with coconut oil is one of the purest most effective natural methods out there.

A simple three step process to use coconut oil as a cleanser is as follows:

Warm a teaspoon of pure unrefined coconut oil in clean hands until it becomes liquid in texture.
Massage the product onto a dry face in a circular motion with your finger tips for one to two minutes.
Gently wipe the coconut oil off with wet warm washcloth and pat the skin dry.  *This step may need to be repeated several times if you have been wearing heavy makeup throughout the day.  You will know you are finished when no more colored residue transfers to the washcloth.

A coconut oil cleanser benefits the skin in a multitude of ways.  For those with excess sebum production, otherwise “oily skin”,  keep in mind that oil is attracted to oil.  Therefore it works like a magnet that pulls out the undesirable gunk from clogged pores.  Those with dry flaky skin will also reap the benefits of the coconut oil cleanser as it provides an intense lasting dose of moisture while the cloth wipes away the dead scaly skin.  The Natural Medical Journal highlights studies of coconut oil as a dermal treatment, and has concluded its antimicrobial and antifungal treatments as beneficial.

Should you decide to try the coconut oil cleanser do know some redness or unevenness may occur during the first few weeks of the newly implemented regimen, which is otherwise known as the “detox” period.  Even with the disclaimer, coconut oil remains one of the most natural and relatively inexpensive ways to cleanse and care for you face.  With the added bonus of the quintessential smell of the tropics, what do you have to loose?

By: Kara Michalko