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About Us

Coastal Medical Weight Loss Centers have been providing safe, successful personalized weight loss programs since 1988, helping thousands lose weight, and more importantly, keep it off. Our medical staff will help you achieve your goals enabling you to live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Your weight loss is our business: that’s all we do.

We have the experience, knowledge and medical staff that’s only interested in one thing, helping you lose weight. We know you can’t maintain a diet that keeps you hungry, and we know that most diets are too restrictive. That’s why we specialize in helping people lose weight without making massive dietary changes. We create individual programs designed to meet your specific needs because we know one diet does not fit all. Prescribed or all natural appetite suppressants are used as a tool in aiding portion control.

Why is Coastal Medical the right choice for you?

We are a medically supervised weight loss program. Our medical staff will design a custom program to meet your lifestyle and weight loss goals. Our programs are not a diet but a change in eating habits and behaviors to get you to lose weight and keep it off. We use a variety of medically supervised methods proven to help you achieve your goals. Call our medical staff to arrange an appointment today.


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